About Us

We Promise, We’re Worth A Shot

Hey there! Thank you for visiting us. Shotover was started by Mackenzi and Nathan Chan, a husband and wife duo who have a strong desire to serve and engage with their community in beautiful Canmore, Alberta.

Shotover gets its name from a small, pristine glacier-fed river in Queenstown, New Zealand, where Mackenzi and Nathan met. Shotover Cleaning was a way to pay homage to the place it all began for them and bring a sense of meaning into the business.

Nathan Chan, Owner and technician at Shotover

Nathan Chan

Owner & Technician

Nathan was born and raised in Vancouver, BC and has lived in Canmore since 2021. He loves playing in the mountains and, most of all, loves rock and ice climbing. Nathan is a lover of coffee and prefers a cappuccino while snacking on a buttery croissant. Most of all, Nathan loves to travel, partly to see and experience new cultures while mostly being there to sample new cuisines.

Superpower: Removing red stains.

Fun fact: Nathan has his Red Seal as a cook, earning his stripes in the fine dining scene in Vancouver.

Mackenzi Chan, Owner and technician at Shotover

Mackenzi Chan

Owner & Technician

Although Mackenzi was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas, she surprisingly does not have a southern accent, and she has lived in Canmore since 2021. Her hobbies include hiking, rock climbing, trail running, snowboarding, volleyball and painting. Mackenzi’s go-to coffee order is typically a cappuccino or a cold brew. If the weather is not conducive to outdoor play, she loves to stay in to paint, read a good fiction book, or watch a tv series.

Superpower: Cleaning high-traffic stairs.

Fun fact: Mackenzi lived in Papua New Guinea for six months embracing the jungle life.

Kevan Collir, Technician at Shotover

Kevan Collie


Kevan was raised in Etobicoke, ON, and has lived in Banff since 2021. From the peaks to the valleys, Kev finds a way to stay entertained. Their interests include snowboarding, disc golf, hiking, paddling, and when not outside, they like to enjoy the comforts of home by curling up on the couch. As an expecting parent, Kevan is excited about all the new adventures to come!

Superpower: Tetris Packing (the ability to pack the van with extreme space-saving efficiency).

Fun fact: Kevan worked as a teacher in Australia pre-pandemic after graduating from Laurentian University in Sudbury, ON.