Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the carpet take to dry?

Our carpet cleaning process will allow your carpet to be dry in less than 2 hours.

What method do you use for carpet cleaning?

We utilize a cleaning process called very low moisture, or VLM, which allows us to use minimal water while maximizing cleaning power with encapsulating cleaning solutions. By reducing the amount of water introduced to the carpet, your carpet will dry faster and actually stay clean longer!

How is Shotover different from other carpet cleaners?

At Shotover we value genuinely caring for our clients, meticulous communication, and using eco-friendly practices. We seek to care not only for the job at hand, but to genuinely care for you so that we can understand how to serve you best. We strive to over communicate through every step of the process to ensure no detail falls through the cracks (unlike the chips in-between your sofa cushions) and so that there are never any surprises with the bill. Lastly, we seek to keep it green and keep it clean, meaning we seek to use effective and safe cleaning techniques for ourselves, our clients and the environment.

Why do your prices vary from other carpet cleaners?

We provide a high value clean and we are meticulous about every detail. We believe in the service industry you get what you pay for, so if you are looking for the cheapest price for carpet cleaning, chances are you are also going to get disappointing results. We want you to be happy with the clean the first time and if you aren’t then we have a 110% satisfaction guarantee and we will always make it right.

How often should I get my carpet cleaned?

The duration in-between carpet cleaning depends greatly on how frequently it’s used as this will change the general wear and tear and accumulation of soil. Typically the more people, kids, and pets that use the carpeted areas the more frequently it should be cleaned. Keep in mind that dirt and soil are abrasive and allowing them time to build up will cause permanent damage to your carpet. Regular vacuuming will help prolong the amount of time in between cleanings.
For gently used carpet we recommend 1x per year.

How often should I have my upholstery cleaned?

Most manufacturers recommend upholstery to be cleaned every year or every other year, depending on how frequently it is used. Like carpet, regular vacuuming will help prolong the amount of time in between cleanings.

How long does it take for my upholstery to dry?

With our cleaning process your upholstery should be dry in less than 4 hours.

What is carpet/upholstery protector and is it safe for my pets and kids?

Re-applying protector to your carpet or upholstery will add a protective layer to the fibres to help block oily binders that cause re-soiling and stains. The hydrophilic barrier causes soils to “float” on the active film so they can be cleaned more easily.

The protector is non-toxic, plant based, and hypoallergenic making it safe for all members of your family!

How soon after the clean can we walk on the carpet or use the upholstery?

You should ensure that the carpet and upholstery are completely dry before resuming use. This is to prevent them from re-soiling as they are most vulnerable when wet. For carpet this will be in less than 2 hours and for upholstery this will be in less than 4 hours after the service.

Do I need to move the furniture?

You are not required to move any furniture to have your carpet cleaned. However, you are absolutely welcome to move anything you may want for the clean. We do ask if you’re going to move furniture that it's moved before we arrive and that you leave room for us to walk, bring in equipment, and access a water source. Please note that we do not move furniture due to liability issues. It is up to you whether you want to move furniture for the clean or not.
For area rug cleaning we do ask that all furniture is moved off of the rug before we arrive so that we can have full access to the rug.

What is your deposit policy?

Upon booking we require a non-refundable $75 deposit.

Do you offer a warranty on your services?

Yes, we offer a 110% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services! If there is a problem with the clean we are always happy to come back and take care of it. We don’t expect issues but if they do occur we will make it right.

What locations does Shotover service?

Shotover offers all of our services in Lake Louise, Banff, Canmore, Exshaw, Lac Des Arcs, Kananaskis, Ghost Lake, and Cochrane!

Do I need to be present for the service?

It is preferred but not required for you to be there at the time of service. However, if you are not going to be there we do ask that you are available by phone at the time of service in case we need to reach you.